You have already done the heavy lifting by creating your magazine, newsletter or other content, right? Why struggle to learn a new piece of software and re-design your content?

Mobile Apps Labs lets you import all of your existing content! You simply upload your content and we will help you do the rest.

Easy To Get Started

Getting up and running is as easy as signing up and uploading your content. A few clicks, and we will submit your app to the Apple Newsstand for publishing!

Next-Generation Advertising

Ads that are placed within apps become interactive. They looks and feels great for your readers and they deliver big time results for companies.

Vibrant Call-To-Actions

Communicate with your readers and potential customers immediately. After they see your ad, they can immediately fill out a form to contact you, which goes directly to you or your sales team.

You want stats? We got your stats.

Learning details on your reader consumption is amazing for your marketing efforts. You can find out how long they were reading an article, when they were reading it, where they were reading it, and so much more.