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    Native application

    A native app is a mobile application written in a programming language that is directly compatible with the target platform for example iOs (Apple) and Android.

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    What are the usual steps for a mobile app project?

    Before we start writting code some important steps must be done to assure the project will be successful

    • Determine digital objectives
    • Market familiarization and research
    • Create a strategy and a go to market plan

    Getting financing is another step often required and a business plan will help you get the attention you require to find the right partners.

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    Hybrid application

    A mobile application written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that uses a web-to-native abstraction layer, allowing the application to access mobile device APIs that native applications cannot access.

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    Mobile app

    An application developed for use on small, wireless devices such as tablets and smartphones. They can be web-based, native, or hybrid.

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    Progressive web applicaitons (PWA)

    A lightweight app that runs in the URL of a device’s web browser. It looks and feels like a mobile app, but it’s not delivered natively on the device.

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    User experience (UX)

    A term to describe all aspects of the end user’s interaction with an application.

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    Agile Software Development

    Agile development, focuses on building software iteratively, according to principles of the Agile Manifesto .“The project is divided into small modules (the smaller, the better) and delivered in weekly or monthly sprints.

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    Android is a mobile phone operating system platform created by Google. It is with iOs (Apple) one of the largest mobile operating systems in the world.

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    iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system, found on iPhones, iPods and iPads. Apps built for iOS are developped with Swift or Objective-C (languages).

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    User Interface (UI)

    UI (User Interface) is the design of the mobile app with a focus on the experience of the user, keeping in mind the overall interaction. It is the most important piece of your mobile app it determines how easily a user can make the program do what he or she wants. Even a powerful idea with great technical execution has little value with a poorly designed UI.

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    What about app updates?

    Updating you code app must be done as frequently as the operating systems are updated. Our programming team is always ahead applying the latest update so your app can keep working.

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